SOMA (South of Market)

SOMA (South of Market)

SOMA: Is easily remembered as everything south of Market St., from the Moscone Center and 5th St, all the way to Division; the bigger streets being Mission street and Folsom street.

SOMA has a lot of character to it, being a diverse and very urban neighborhood, a mix of industrial, warehouse type of apartments converted into stylish, modern live-work lofts, renovated Victorians and commercial warehouses. It is a unique, up-and-coming area, with a lot of current gentrification and positive changes going on. It is an attractive choice for young professionals and hipsters, who like the culture, what SOMA has to offer. More and more of tech companies are based out of SOMA and choose this neighborhood for their offices, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Lyft, Uber, Techcrunch, and more.

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